Employ local, buy local

We have a commitment to employ and buy locally where we can so we can keep the benefits local. Our approach to maximising opportunities for local participation is centered on four key areas:

  1. Prioritise the procurement of local businesses for goods and services
  2. Encourage and facilitate future local business capability
  3. Prioritise local employment
  4. Encourage and facilitate future local employment through training and skills pathways

Opportunities for Victorians

With such a significant construction investment, it is anticipated that there will be many opportunities for local businesses to be involved. Goods and services likely to be procured locally include:

  • Accommodation and catering
  • Engineering
  • Construction materials and equipment
  • Local labour
  • Earthworks services
  • Fencing and landscaping
  • Environmental monitoring

Underpinning this approach is our commitment to social procurement and the implementation of a Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) to be approved by the Victorian Government.

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It is also expected that there would be a positive flow on effect to the local and regional economy from the project. The money spent by workers in the region during construction will boost household incomes and indirect jobs across the region, continuing over the life of the solar farm as a result of activities related to operations and maintenance.

Sheep can continue to graze in and around the solar panels, which means the agricultural connection to the land can be maintained, while also providing supplementary income for project landowners.

UPC\AC Renewables intends to work with contractors that prioritise local businesses, workers and suppliers with the right skills match to help us deliver and maintain this project.

Are you a local business?

The project is still in the development stage, but if you are interested in opportunities to provide local goods and services, please contact us via the link below with some information about your business and we will add it to our local contractor register, and be in touch as the project progresses.