Benefit sharing

We understand that community expectation for benefit sharing has shifted, and rightly so. We also believe that benefit sharing goes beyond making cash-based contributions, and towards legacy investments delivered in partnership with communities. Our approach to benefit sharing for the project is informed by local needs, priorities and aspirations, and we will be seeking input from community, stakeholders and government on what this looks like as the project progresses.

As part of our commitment, we plan to establish an integrated and sustainable social benefit program that will return substantial value to the region over the Project’s lifecycle, commencing just prior to Construction. In November 2021, we undertook consultation to inform what the benefit sharing framework could look like. This included a series of initial stakeholder discussions to test the framework as a concept and gather objective feedback.


In line with this feedback, the project will invest into delivering outcomes under three key themes identified:

Increasing economic and education participation of disadvantaged groups

Environmental conservation and regeneration

Community connectiveness

A local Community Reference Group will be established to further develop the funding model and help guide this ongoing investment for the benefit of the local community.